In Poplar Adolescent Unit - Education Centre we teach Personal Social and Health Education either as a split group that is age related or, as a whole group for one hour a week.

We cover the National Curriculum for PSHE and are using the PSHE Association’s recommendations to put together programmes of study. Although we cover a range of aspects within the curriculum, we also tailor to the needs of our hospital. Therefore, there is more emphasis on the mental health aspects of the curriculum as it relevant to our learners.  Plus, we are in the privileged provision of being able to draw upon the expertise of Poplar Adolescent Unit - Ward Staff.

We have links with outside agencies in the community that come in to deliver teaching sessions on such subjects as drugs and alcohol, sexual health, personal health and wellbeing, risky behaviour, peer pressure and personal safety.  These outside Agencies are also there as sign posts for potential further support and advice in the community upon discharge, should young people wish to pursue further support.

There is the opportunity for our learners to choose individual topics to work on in PSHE from the ASDAN Award which is an accredited programme of study for PSHE. The topics include:

- Healthy and Safe Food

- Conflict Resolution

- Drugs and Alcohol

- Personal Wellbeing

- Sex and Relationships

- Becoming a Parent

- Economic Wellbeing

At Poplar Adolescent Unit - Education Centre, we teach lessons on internet safety. 

We have a member of staff dedicated to supporting young people with career advice and College placements as well as a local Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) Advisor who offers advice to Essex based Young People.


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