The Physical Education Faculty delivers a programme of study in agreement with the National Curriculum.  Within this framework, the faculty aims to develop the students physically, intellectually participating in, and understanding, a variety of physical activities.

The faculty also aims to promote a positive attitude towards exercise and to provide students with the knowledge required to allow them to make the decisions which will lead to a full and healthy life.

Through physical education, students experience how to:-

It also provides students with the opportunity to:-

It is important that students have a sense of enjoyment and achivement in this subject and can see a place for it in their future lifestyles.

Key Stage 3

The Key Stage 3 curriculum provides a range of challenging and meaningful opportunities for students of all abilities.  Students will be encouraged to achieve their potential in a caring and supportive environment.

It covers areas:

  1. Outwitting opponents; for example in games activities.
  2. Exercising safely and effectivly to improve health and well-being; for example in fitness and health activities.

Opportunities are provided for an individual to fill the roles of performer, observer and official.

Key Stage 4

These are the essential skills and processes in Physical Education that students need to learn to make progress:

Developing skills in physical activity

Developing physical and mental capacity

Evaluating and improving

Making informed choices about healthy, active lifestyles

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