Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is a sum of money schools may receive for students who are either in receipt of free school meals, or have been eligible in the last six years. The school may also receive additional funding for any student who is in public care.

The reason for Pupil Premium funding is that, nationally, the statistics show that Pupil Premium students do less well than their peers in external examinations. The aim of this money is to reduce the gap in attainment.

Each term a CENSUS is provided to the DfE which indicates the pupils entitled to Pupil Premium.  Due to the young people rarely in attedance at the school for more than two terms it is unlikely that we will receive any funding even though, in some cases, we have provided additional assistance to the eligbile pupil. 

Poplar Adolescent Unit - Education Provision (PEP) request funding from the young persons home school, should the need arise outlining the reason for the funding request and providing information and evidence on how the funding will be spent.

How Pupil Premium is funded and spent

The requirement is to ensure that each young person receives the resources they need for their education and to allow them to work towards reintegration back into their home school.

As a Pupil Referral Unit, each young person's requirements are differnt and the pupil premium is spent based on need.  

The length of the young persons stay impacts on whether this money can be applied for and the school will only request this payment if the young person is a long term patient and the school requires the additional funding to provide the young person with the necessary resources.


Pupil Premium received - £399

Pupil Premium spend - £1482.13

PEP income - £533

14 young people were entitled to Pupil Premium however, we could only apply for 4 who were residents for 1 half term and 1 young person who was a resident for 1 full term. 

To obtain this funding we apply to the young persons mainstream school.  These requests are generally dismissed becaue the school has already allocated the funding.

Resources are often purchased using the school budget.  During this academic year we purchased books; a college courses; a A level Biology course; a Ukelele and equipment; Equine Therapy;  Art supplies;  Signor for a deaf student; Travel to school for reintegration.

By offering pupils the above had a huge positive impact on the young person.  We will continue to establish the need for each young person and provide (budget allowing) these opportunities to future patients. 

Year 7 catch-up premium - PEP do not receive this income.

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