All parent(s) / carer(s) will receive the following information when the young person has been admitted to the hospital to allow them to continue with their education studies.

Documents which will help you with the admission to Poplar Adolescent Unit.


The child’s Key Teacher will contact the parent(s) / carer(s) within a few days of the YP arriving into Edcuation to obtain information regarding their educational background.  Not only will this information give us valuable background knowledge but it will also help with planning an appropriate educational programme.

Many schools routinely ask us to provide Parental / Carer permission before they will share information they have on the young person. During your conversation with the Key Teacher you will be asked for this permission and advised how you can provide it. 

Upon reintegration, Parents / Carers of young people need to be aware that some Local Authorities are providing limited funding for transport to and from School / College and the Hospital on a discretionary basis for children of statutory school age. This may mean that transport is only available for a short period and alternative means will need to be found.

For young people who are post - 16 there is no funding available at all for transport. Very limited assistance can be given from Poplar Adolescent Unit for early liaison / reintegration. For disabled young people requiring a longer term of travel assistance the School Transport Department of your Local Authority may be able to assist. Parents / carers are required in such instances to apply directly. 

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