Parent / Carer Discharge Evaluation Form

Please answer these questions in order to establish how the young person's time within Education was and how you now feel leading up to or on their discharge.
The difficulties that brought the young person to hospital were
How are these things now?
Please tick and write any comments you may have
  Strongly agree Agree Disagree Strongly disagree
You were kept informed of the young person's educational progress
You felt the young person was safe in class:
The work was personalised to meet the young person's needs
The young person was given the right subjects and activities to do
You felt the young person made personal and social progress
There was minimal disruption to their school work
Continuing with schooling while in hospital helped with reintegration on discharge

You felt the Education Centre was well managed

The Education Centre responded well to any concerns you raised

Tell us more about your answers
Overall experience with dealing with the Education Centre
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