If your child is admitted to Poplar Adolescent Unit - Education Provision they will be provided with education on site. Each young person has an education programme suited to their individual needs. If your child is at school, teachers at the school will be asked to provide work so that, when appropriate, your child will be doing the work that their peers in school are doing. If your child has not been attending school they will be supported to enable them to access a meaningful programme.

Parents value the quality of education provided, and appreciate the regular communication with staff. One parent shared with inspectors her ‘amazement’ at how quickly staff identified her child’s needs and put strategies in place to help her.  Another parent, whose son needed help to socialise fully with others, described the unit as ‘fantastic’, because it had ‘really brought him out of his shell’.


If your child is due to be taking exams it is possible for the exams to be taken at Poplar Adolecent Unit - Education Provision. We are an examination centre and arrangements can be made to transfer entries from the home school.

What Happens

The Key Teacher will contact the school where your child is on roll to share information and arrange for work to be sent. Often young people have experienced difficulties in school and we work hard to build a good relationship with the school so that we can help them support your child on their return. Your child’s school will be invited to review meetings at the Poplar Adolescent Unit. This helps them to have a good understanding of your child’s needs.

The Key Teacher for the young person will contact the parents/carers within the two week assessment period in order to ensure that a working relationship is established and that parents’ views are taken into account when the Individual Education Plan (IEP) is written. The Key Teacher will also speak with the young person to find out whether there have been difficulties in school and work with them to find solutions to problems.

Pupils’ personal development and welfare are exceptional. Daily ‘handover’ meetings each morning led by medical staff provide your staff with an update on pupils’ behaviour, their social and emotional well-being and readiness to learn.  Pupils lead their own weekly meeting to air any concerns they may have.

You and your medical colleagues strike the right balance of high-quality healthcare and education. Good liaison between the ward and the unit is firmly established. Pupils are well prepared for the next stage of their lives.


Copies of the full Education reports for CPA Review are given to the young person, their parents/carers, the home school link person and CAMHS Care Co-ordinator. Discussion on progress in Education takes place within the CPA Review. Further discussion following the meeting is welcomed if parents/carers wish to take this opportunity. Informal discussion on progress may take place between meetings.

Where young people are not currently in education, employment or training we will work with the appropriate bodies to find suitable provision. Our information, advice and guidance mentor (careers specialist) will also work with young people including post sixteen students who need help with next steps.

The Head of Education and members of the Education Department welcome contact with parents/carers. This contact can be in person, by telephone or by email.


Messages from Parent(s) / Carer(s)

The education centre made M feel very comfortable and she was able to continue her studies during her stay. I do feel that M has fallen behind but that is more to do with the fact that some weeks during her admission she was on high level observations and so it was not possible to be in the education centre.   Very positive and helpful


K's absence from school has affected her school work but the education that she received in hospital certainly helped to fill some gaps.  Overall experience with dealing with the Education Centre - D was fantastic with K and he was very good at communicating. His assistance with K's reintroduction back to school was very helpful.


CV was fantastic she really helped B, she was the only person he felt listened to him and he opened up to her. Overall experience with dealing with the Education Centre The education centre staff were fantastic, they kept in contact throughout the time B was there with regular emails.  They were always there to support myself and B even when B was having problems I was able to send them an email and that really helped.


Educational support (and in particularly your kind attention and professionalism) it has been one of the main pillars of the rebuilding process of A' self-motivation confidence. regardless of any big or small school results.



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