5th September - Essex Fire and Rescue

11th September - Careers

19th September - Cats Protection

26th September - Scarf

3rd October - EFRS search dogs

9th October - Careers

10th October - The Dogs Trust

17th October - Young Drivers Presentation

31st October - Essex Fire and Rescue

6th November - Careers

7th November - Guide Dogs for the Blind

14th November - Drugs Alert

21st November - Oral Health

28th November - Essex Fire and Rescue

5th December - Scarf

11th December - Careers

19th December - Last day of term


During the summer term we have delivered a varied programme of PSHE covering such topics as sexual health, and animal rights through to peer pressure and consequences of one’s actions to driving and road safety. All the speakers both in house and visitors have been well received by the students and the majority of the time the students engage well with the talks.  There are of course, occasions where some students due to the nature of their illness need a period of time out for the lesson but these are generally rare.  Depending also on the day of the week that we cover PSHE there are some disruptions to the lessons caused by the medical aspects of the student’s condition for example therapy or CRM. 

To look at it a bit more in depth, our rolling programme of speakers includes Essex Fire and Rescue, they cover consequences, peer pressure, hoax call and arson in one talk and Fire safety in the home and personal safety in the other presentation. Both can be quite hard hitting but the speaker has a good manner and delivery which is well accepted by the students.  Feedback is positive with students able to feedback something they learnt from the lesson.  

The Sexual Health Nurse from Kingsley Ward visits us every 6 weeks. She covers contraception, sexual transmitted diseases and where to get screened.  Again these lessons were well received as some of our younger students who have been out of education a while had missed their statutory sex education.  Some of the feedback received proved this by them never having handled or put on a condom correctly.  All students were amazed at the range of available contraception, how it was used and side effects

In addition to this repeating 6-week programme we have speakers who visit once a term such as the Road Safety Team from Essex Fire and Rescue; they delivers a presentation on young drivers. It covers the hazards and distractions young people succumb to and the consequences.  The session was well received by the students and staff.

From EPYDAS our usual speaker is still on Maternity Leave until after the summer and we finally had a visit from the lady covering her post. She covered types of drugs and the effects as well as a little bit about alcohol. It was a good session and we hope to see her again in the autumn.

Understanding Animals in Research deliver a presentation about the use of animals and that done correctly isn’t always cruel. He gets the students to weigh up the pros and cons of cost verses benefits.  He also talks about refinement and the 3R’s.  Although some students started with the opinion that animal research was bad by the end of the presentation they were able to consider that it may have its place if correctly policed.

Young Carers, part of Action for Family Carers have now withdrawn from this area due to lack of funding so will not be visiting us again. We have been sign posted to SCAFT who are based in Rayleigh and I am in contact with them for next term.

The Dogs Trust visited us with Rocky the toy Rottweiler.   They cover what we need to provide for a pet both legally and morally.  They show examples of were care can be too much and animals suffer too.  They cover the law and by laws around being a responsible dog owner.

A new presentation we had this term was from the Cats Protection. They talked about rehoming, care required and cat behaviours.  It was very interesting and they will be back to see us again next term.

The new Oral Health Nurse also paid us a visit and talked about how to care for your teeth and gums, things to avoid and covered a bit about whitening and the coverings that are now popular at the moment.

We now, after many months have a school nurse visiting again. She did a drop in session on her first visit which was taken up by 4 students and this time she did a presentation to the group around personal hygiene and the changes that occur in puberty as well as covering piercings and tattoos.  She talked about the risks and certification of parlours to ensure you are safe and the law regarding age and parental consent. 

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