Performance Data

As a school we are obliged to show performance data for all who attend Poplar Education.

As a Pupil Referral Unit who are able to sit exams at Poplar however, this happens occassionally and would not show a young persons progression accurately.

Please see the tables below which shows 3 separate areas, a baseline assessment, Year 10 CPA's and Year 11 CPA's.  These figures outline the level the pupils entered Education and subsequent testing shows any progress.  

Numeracy - A numeracy test is taken called WRAT.  This test covers basic numeracy.

Reading - The reading test shows an understanding of comprehension.  This test also provides a reading age and ability.

Writing - The writing test taken shows the young persons understanding of spelling, punctation and grammar.

Verbal - A vocabulary test which highlights and understanding pictures and words.

Non-Verbal - RAVENS tests problem solving mathematical brain through a series of patterns.

Performance Data - baseline 17-18

Performance Data - Year 10 17-18

Performance Data - Year 11 17-18

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